September Sun

by Samantha Farrell

"Paying homage to love and landscape, September Sun is, in ways, similar to Farrell’s past work. Yet, there is something new here, something darker and more sinuous, blooming like black ink in water. On tracks like 'Heavy Hangs the Crown' and 'Lover’s Prayer' we hear a voice of dusk and smoke in conflict with the very ghosts their convergence has birthed. 
This is an album undaunted by either the perils of growth, or the beauty that stems from its realization." 
- Ben Evans, Fogged Clarity

"You can hear the smile or sorrow in her voice, and the other musicians play with mastery... 'Lover's Prayer' is beautiful, reminds me of something Nina Simone would have sung, and would have probably wished she had written." 
- Kimmy Sophia Brown, The Noise Boston